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What Is Global Warming? Well that’s a good question. Global warming, what is it really? Simply put Glaciers have started to melt while the oceans  levels are showing signs of rising, tropical forests are starting to dry up, and it seems that wildlife in some areas of the globe are effected by Global Warming and what Global Warming is doing to the overall planet earth.

People ask all the time “What is Global Warning” & “What effects does Global Warming have on the planet?” Its seems that the human race have caused global warning effects over the past century by releasing gases called “green house gases” into the atmosphere. The levels of green house gases caused by what people say is global warning appears to be much higher than ever before.

So, what global warming is could be better described as what is the results of global warming on the planet earth. These effects are known as global warming effects. Creating changes to the overall climate of the earth. The normal patterns of earths weather is also effects of global warming. The weather cycles are change as the earth rotates gathering up moisture and heat from the seas and moving that from place to place effecting all kinds of living things on the planet.

Governments and counties would wide are starting to be concerned and asking researchers to answer the question; what is global warning  and how do we slow it down or stop the effects of global warming. Can humans effect warming on a global scale or are we just over analyzing and therefore concluding that the human race is the direct cause of what global warming has become known as. Not all researchers believe global warming can be controlled by humans along.

what is global warming